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Ceder Kloof Camping villages


Got no tent. Can’t camp? No longer the case With the arrival of Cedar Kloof Eco tented Villages, the hassle and logistics of a camping weekend is now a thing of the past. In fact, if the blurb, “You only bring food and clothes,” is anything to go by, any preconceived idea you have about camping – leaking tents, missing poles and pegs, hard ground and sand fleas – is in for a serious shake up.


To set the scene, what we have here is a 30ha Fynbos river area located about 10km from Citrusdal on The Baths road(visit The Baths during day for a natural hot spring experience), with the campsite located right on the banks of the Olifants River – We’re talking nestled in the indigenous Fynbos, with private wooden walk ways to an indigenous part of the crystal clear Oliphants River. You get your own water jetty covered in synthetic green grass with your own private canoe to enjoy on the crystal clear water with the gorgeous sunsets, languid days filled with swimming, braaing and getting to know your neighbors.


Each ‘camping village’ (maximum six spread) comprises a 7.5/10 square Bedouin free form marquee with an excellent outlook over Fynbos and 5-10 metres from the river. Canvas tents pitched underneath and equipped with high density foam mattress, cotton percale bedding, blankets, towels. Then, there’s a fully equipped kitchen area (check list provided), braai grid and utensils, chairs, tables, electric light, private fridge, private shower(hot water by wood burning boiler)  and private kitchenette with mirror.


Furthermore, every village has its own power point – lest you forget that camping is hard work. Ablutions (hot showers are private but flush toilets are communal) (sorry), The fridge and Freezer for the frosties and microwave is private. Talk about roughing it in style.


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